Dark Horse Effect


“If you love something it will work. That’s the only real rule.
— Bunny Williams

Living life.

Dark Horse Effect doesn't do boring and we don't want you to either. 

Form follows function.

At Dark Horse Effect we're eminently concerned with how a space functions.  That's where we start.  Then we roll up our sleeves, talk about priorities and get down to work.  We have fun doing it, too. 

With a passion for handmade goods, warm and tactile rooms, and a sense of whimsy, Sunshine Thacker -- the Creative Force behind Dark Horse Effect -- will wow you with her know-how, resources, imagination and whimsy.

God is in the details.

Every centimeter of a space must be wholly considered.  The line of a chair leg, the height of the sofa, where the glassware will stack, the way a fabric feels when you open the curtains. Do we sweat the small stuff? You betcha, but the result is pure joy.  We analyze the dimension and scale of each piece of the built environment. 

After all, it's your home.  Your business.  Your castle.

Want some verve in your life?  Please mosey over to the Contact portion of this site and drop us a line.